Well, This is Awkward...

It's September.  My last post was in May.

*taps microphone*

Is this thing on??

How is it SEPTEMBER?  I guess learning my way around a new city, setting up a new house and having a baby will make a summer flash by.  Shocking, I know.

I could run on about how blogging wasn't my priority and life happens, yada yada.  But let's be real: plenty of people manage to churn out great blog posts while leading very busy lives. I'm just a tad lazy with my little blog. It's a hobby rather than a habit, and purely for fun, so there you have it.

So, what's happened since May? Let's start with June.

June was all about getting Chez Curieuse whipped into shape. There was always one contractor or another around the place. I think the previous owners never spent any time looking out their windows, since essentially almost every tree, bush, and plant in the yard needed MAJOR trimming.  Those which didn't need a good hacking-back needed to be removed entirely.  There was a lot of chainsaw racket coming from our property for a few days.

The house came with a pool, but not one that you'd voluntarily swim in.  It got a much-needed facelift, including new plaster, new tile, and lots of white limestone to replace the old concrete and brownstone coping.



And here is what it looks like now!  We're planning to re-do the wooden decking next year, but the pool was a "we need to do this ASAP" project.

The rest of June involved the following:

The bump grew and I took shameless selfies to document the progress.

I tackled the remaining boxes from our move. The only downside to having professionals pack your things is that they use loads and loads of paper to reduce the chances of anything breaking {and having to pay for it}.  There were small mountains of the stuff all over the place.

I ordered and assembled more pieces of furniture than I could count.  These are Adirondack-ish chairs for the upper porch, which is terrific for sunset-watching when it's not an oven outside.  So maybe we'll finally be able to use them in October?

I had a stair runner installed {this I gladly outsourced} to make trips up and down safer for baby-carrying, sleep-deprived parents.  The material is a natural fiber called sisal. It's less slippery than seagrass or jute and is taking Pinterest by storm, so I followed the herd.  I think it looks heaps better than boring old carpet.  We'll see how long it holds up.

My sister-in-law visited, and we tested out strollers.  She was so helpful - Mr. Curieuse had yet to join me from California and while I could get plenty done by myself, sometimes a pregnant girl just needs an extra set of hands!  Some preggos are complainers {some rightfully so, but I think most just like to be dramatic}, but I'm not.  Yes, it's a little awkward and yes you gain weight and yes you can't sleep like you used to, but generally speaking life is still pretty darn good and you can do whatever you put your mind to.

We got an UppaBaby Vista and I can honestly say it took barely 10 minutes to assemble, including unwrapping, reading the manual, and taking it for a test run around the living room. SO easy.  Mr. Curieuse finally left California for good and took it for a practice run himself {with the infant car seat attached - also an amazingly easy process}.  His goofy "Texas Dad" t-shirt was a gag gift.  Is it me, or does "Texas Dad" conjure up images of a guy on the sidelines of a pee-wee football game, arguing a bit too seriously with the ref?  Our little man will not be allowed to play football. The latest data on head injuries and brain trauma is downright scary. My uppity Yankee self finds crew or lacrosse more viable options.

The bump grew even more.  More profile selfies were required.

Also required: pedicures.  One of the best places I've ever had a pedi, Embellish, is just 4 minutes away from our house.  They should have a lifetime membership option.  If you're in Austin you must make a visit.

I think July and August will need their own posts, so we'll pick up with July in the next post. I am still amazed at how much time has flown by.  Who knew that babies were such time machines!


  1. So funny I was just thinking you hadn't posted in ages and I thought you must have already had your baby...Glad to see you are well and the house looks fabulous!

  2. You certainly were busy! I'm so impressed by how much you got accomplished at your new house... it's really beautiful! :)

    Your little man is darling in his IG photos!

    Congrats again, by the way.


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