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Does anyone else have experience with big babies?  What back-strengthening regimen do you recommend?

Mr. William may have been about average size at birth, but at last check {4 weeks} he was 90th percentile in weight, and 98th percentile in length.

At 6 weeks, he's now somewhere over 12 pounds {we don't have a really sensitive scale here, so we derived that figure by subtracting self + baby weight from self-only weight; highly technical}.  Suffice it to say the newborn clothes fit for about 3 weeks, max.  And this is on a Mama-Milk-only diet.  Check out his delicious double-chin:

Compare the car seat photos below - on the left, we have his first car ride when he came home from the hospital.  On the right, 6 weeks later.  Just look at the relative size-of-baby to seat-buckles in each.

So while I contemplate how I could have birthed such a big boy when there are hardly any tall men in my family {and none on Hubs' side, either}, how about we take a tour of the Hulk's nursery?

It's somewhat space-exploration themed, but mostly I wanted a calm, safe environment.  With silk blackout curtains.  And lots of my favorite color: WHITE.

The crib is very simple - 100% wood, no bad chemicals, USA-made.  From Land of Nod. And no bumper. PSA: the American Academy of Pediatrics specifically advises against use of bumpers because they increase the risk of SIDS.  I'm all for valuing aesthetics, but not at the risk of smothering babies. 

Above the crib are some space-themed prints I found on Etsy.  I'm pretty sure I paid some wanker $10 a pop to print them from a jet-printer on not so great paper, but I'm over it.  I love the way they look!  That being said, it would definitely be worth it for me to work on my photoshop skills and get a photo printer.

I was looking for something to put above the changing table/dresser {also from Land of Nod} and found this fun decal on Etsy {this was actually a top-quality Etsy purchase, unlike the prints}:

That little giraffe plays white noise, and has a handy velcro strap so you can attach it to the crib without putting it IN the crib.  There's a Dohm sound machine on the changing table/dresser that works great, too.  Babies are so touchy about their sleeping conditions.

There are a lot of ugly gliders out there.  This one - from Rosenberry Rooms - was the least offensive one I could find, and is actually superbly comfortable!  The slipcover is washable - crucial for white furniture!  BUT I do have to mention that it took FOREVER to arrive.  I ordered it in April and it arrived while I was in the hospital with the bebe {late July}.  Really.  So if you order custom furniture from Rosenberry Rooms, be prepared to wait ... and wait ... and give birth ... and wait some more.

There are three floating bookshelves in the nursery, and they are FULL of books.  I know TV can be a great babysitter, but it does practically eviscerate baby brains.  Except for broadcasts of Red Sox games, of course.  Those help moral fiber develop.

William is already sleeping in his crib full time - we moved him in there when he turned 1 month old.  I'd read in several places that moving babies to their own rooms early is Very Important in the quest to establish good sleep habits and routines. Don't think I'm cold-hearted - I also bought a video baby monitor with night vision and pan/zoom abilities.  Basically, I spy on him like a Navy SEAL. 

So that's the nursery!  While I'm loving every pudgy, coo-y moment of his infancy, I can't wait until he's a little older and can spend quality time in there playing with his toys and reading.  As fast as time is flying {how did he get so big?}, that will be happening tomorrow.  Upon having a baby, you're immediately thrust into a time warp.  Consider yourselves warned, parents-to-be!  


  1. That is such a chic nursery...Looks like he might be a quarterback! :)

  2. @Coulda shoulda woulda hubs is secretly hoping for a basketball player. Our gene pools are not on his side, but we'll see!

  3. Oh beautiful mum and beautiful HUGE baby! William was my father's name so I approve. I was wondering where you had escaped to, many many congratulations.

  4. Great job! The nursery looks very peaceful and soothing!

    We had Alice sleeping in her room full time very early on too. We are ALL ABOUT promoting healthy sleep habits! Plus it was so hard for us to sleep in the same room as her...babies are noisy! Every little grunt and movement had me on high was not pretty. Everyone sleeps better with her in her own room. Thank goodness for video baby monitors :)

  5. Little William is SO stinking cute! His nursery is perfect, and those amazing windows in there are to die for.

  6. @Bourbon&Pearls Thank you! William is not a family name for us, but I thought it should be. Your approval is gold.

  7. @yours truly, melissa Babies are SO noisy! I had no idea. And ours is not only a babbler, squeaker, and grunter but a flailer as well. So active in his sleep!

  8. @Tess The windows are my favorite, too! So glad the house came with plantation shutters.

  9. Your nursery is beautiful.

    And as for big babies, I had two. My son in particular was 20 lbs by 6 months. I found the baby carriers that are made of stretchy cloth worked best, as they kept him close to my body and prevented his weight from tweaking my back.

    By the way, both children grew up to be very slender people:). But phew they were a workout for the biceps. Oh, and both were exclusively breastfed, as is your cutie.

  10. William is too cute and you look amazing! Love the nursery too.

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