July: Welcome Baby William!

July at Chez Curieuse can be summed up aptly in exactly one photograph:

That's right, y'all: I had that baby.

Much later than anticipated, I should note.  In early July, my doctor swore I'd never make my due date {July 21}.  After that conversation, my Mum was on the next flight from Boston.  I made sure my hospital bags were packed.  With only the essentials, of course.

And we waited.  And waited.  AND WAITED.  No baby.  Not a sign of labor.

We were relatively house-bound because I was in full-on Waddle Mode and it was over 100 degrees every day.  Hello, summer in Texas.  So we did what came naturally: a lot of online shopping.  And I tried all of the Old Wives' tricks: spicy foods, eggplant, pineapple, walking for miles, hanky-panky... you name it, I tried it. To no avail.  At least my belly was good for holding beverages.

Happily, I really like spicy food, and we visited one of my favorite restaurants in Austin so far: a Thai place called Sway.  Mum, Mr. Curieuse, and I popped in for an early-ish dinner and it was divine. We sat at the bar and watched the cooks assembling everything - so much fun!  I had a beef dish that burned half of my taste buds off.  Those that remained were blissfully happy.

Not to get all "birth story" on you all, but here is the short and sweet version of events:

4 days after my due date, I had a scheduled induction.  We were all excited and I was a little giddy.  I mean, I was getting a lot of attention AND got to wear my own fancy gown with a satin sash instead of those terrible hospital-issue gowns.  Things were looking good.

But, it turns out that the medicine used for inductions, Pitocin, does not jive with my body.  Rather than giving me regular contractions, it made me have HOUR-LONG CONTRACTIONS.  As in: no break between contractions.  Zero.  They would probably have been longer had I continued taking the medication.  I have a pretty high pain threshold and would classify my experience as "uncomfortable" {I didn't have pain meds for this part}, and not at all ideal. So it was off to the OR for a c-section.

I see why women like sections - they are easy peasy! One hour later, I was back in my room with a sweet little baby.  And my awesome OB glued my incision rather than suturing it, meaning my {unbelievably small} scar looks amazing.  She was pretty much a rock star in scrubs.

But the real rock star was Mr. William - he did great throughout, and was cute to boot, all 7 lbs, 14 oz, 20 inches of him.  A perfect baby. 

Mr. Curieuse was instantly besotted, and has been beyond all help ever since.

Not to be gauche, but I was relieved to discover that not only was he the picture of health, but he was seriously CUTE.  I'd have loved him regardless, but it's been fun reveling in his handsomeness. 

Before he was born I'd arranged for a newborn shoot, and am so glad I did.  He's been growing like a weed and it's fun to look back on those photos.  This is probably my favorite, since he has such a sweet smile:

So that was July.  Tickling William, feeding William, changing William, kissing William, staring at William.

I'm getting a little less sleep than I'd prefer, but things really have been pretty close to perfect.  Turns out a truck-load of hormones and sweet baby smiles are a pretty good substitute for a full night's sleep.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous and congratulations on a beautiful baby boy - adorable and I am not a huge baby fan and I don't say all babies are cute either! :)

  2. Sounds like July was pretty amazing for you!! I'm so glad to be catching up on your life with baby William! He is too stinkin' cute!

    Welcome back mama! xo

  3. @Coulda shoulda woulda Thank you! :) I have to say that I wasn't particularly "baby crazy" before I had my own, and now I'm completely nuts about him.

  4. @Tess You're so sweet! And thanks for your kick-in-the-pants tweet - it reminded me to get back on the blogging bandwagon!

  5. Aw, congrats! He certainly is handsome :)


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