Bump Watch: 16 weeks

*this is a post I drafted several weeks ago - catching up this week after announcing the big news last week!  Should be up to date in a few more posts.

We officially have a "bump" going on!  I was wondering when it would arrive, and here it is.   It's still very easy to hide, and I'm pretty sure no one at work has any idea I'm pregnant.  They probably think I've been eating too many cupcakes.

This was an interesting week - I started looking into delivery options in-depth for the first time and realized this: THERE IS NO GOOD WAY TO GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME.  As my Step-Dad would say {and he's delivered plenty of babies, so he'd know}: "intelligent design, my a**."

It's been pretty stressful coming to grips with the fact that no matter what method I pick, all options present pretty scary risks to me and the bebe.  So I probably won't be one of those ladies giving birth in a tub at home - to each her own, but my preference involves a world-class NICU seconds away.  Also, how close do you think they are to perfecting teleporation?  {Beam it out, Scotty!}

Weeks cooking: 16

Weeks remaining: 24

Size of Baby: About the size of an avocado.  Hopefully not green, though.

Weight Gain: About 5lbs.  I think it's going to be about a pound a week from here on out, but without doing anything crazy {I'm looking at you, super skinny preggos who have 5lb babies that look malnourished - see Rachel Zoe} I'm shooting to keep total gain at or around 25lbs.

Maternity Clothes: None yet, but I tried ordering some clothes one size up, and let me warn you: don't do it.  I now have a bunch of dresses to return.  I really only need extra room in the belly area, and ordering up a size means everything has more room, not just the mid-section.  Obviously, right?  Not sure what I was thinking!  I'm working with my old a-line and sheath dresses for now.  It's really only pants and pencil skirts that are giving me problems.

Symptoms: Still slightly congested, and a few nosebleeds.  I know these things are listed as common symptoms, but it still seems strange to me.  Call me crazy, but I just didn't expect getting pregnant to affect my nose.  I also get winded pretty quickly when exercising or taking the stairs.  I'm generally pretty fit, so this makes me feel like someone on the Biggest Loser.  Another new experience!

Food Cravings: citrus fruits and melons. Cream of Wheat. Indian and Thai food - yum!  Thankful my week of eating dry white toast is over.  Chocolate!  I've been trying to keep unhealthy cravings in check, but sometimes a girl needs a little Rocky Road.

Food Aversions: creamy salad dressings. Yuck. Chicken, which for some reason I'm convinced is going to be dry and chewy.

Sleep: So this was the week I found out that I can no longer sleep on my back.  Apparently it's not good for either party.  I thought I was a side sleeper, but I've been waking up in the middle of the night and finding myself on my back.  So my nights have become a routine of wake-and-flip.  Hopefully I break the habit and start sleeping on my side more regularly!

Sex: Can't wait to find out!

What I Miss:  Sleeping on my back.  Coffee.  Feeling in control of things.

Looking Forward to: finding out the sex and getting our integrated screening results back.  I wish there were better testing and screening methods that could tell you everything you need to know (1) before you're more than 10 weeks pregnant, (2) with 100% accuracy, and (3) without more than negligible risk to Mom or bebe.  I mean, how many women get pregnant every year?  And we STILL have to choose between generally reliable blood screens and risky amniocentesis?  Where's a petition - I want to sign it.

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    So funny, it's the truth though!

  2. Love it! You are either very tall, or you are definitely having a boy. That's my guess anyway. :) Do you know yet? I totally agree on teleportation too - where is THAT technology....?!

  3. @Kristy Goldman I'm not that tall {5'7"} so that might answer your question! :) We recently found out the sex and I'll be sharing that later this week!


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