Hallelujah - A J Brand Story

If you know me in real life, you also know that I rarely wear jeans.  I think most jeans look like rubbish on me, and had basically given them the heave ho from my closet.  Well, I hope you're sitting down because I went jeans shopping yesterday on a whim and found not one but TWO pairs I absolutely love. Both by J Brand, which I'm probably the last girl on the planet to finally try out.  They aren't cheap, but I now can wear jeans without worrying that I look like a rhinoceros from behind. Worth it.

It's casual Friday at my office, and this is what I'm wearing.  Probably couldn't get away with this if my firm was in any city but LA {or maybe Vegas}, but anything goes on Fridays in my office.  Zara denim shirt, Kate Spade heels, J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in Shadow.

Happy Friday!
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  1. Those are my holy grail jeans! When nothing else looks good, I can always count on my J Brands. I'm on my second pair of black (shadow)..and have them in navy & dark denim as well. I'm a new reader btw :)

  2. @Laura C Welcome, Laura! :) I have a feeling my small J Brand collection will be growing soon - I may need to get a navy pair, too!

  3. J Brand is the best. I love their cigarette leg jean as well. I wear jeans every day. Just found you through Tish Jett. Looking forward to a new blog to follow.


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