Gift Ideas: For Him

Plenty of ladies find shopping for the men in their lives difficult, but not moi.  I think this is because where most women try to think of something their significant other/brother/father/etc. might actually like, I usually don't.  That's right: if the men in my life really want video games or beer helmets, well... I hope they like wanting, because I'm not using my hard-earned dollars to enable all that.  Say what you will, but I take this opportunity to help them understand what they should like {if they don't already}. 
And in case you're wondering if any of these men still talk to me, I should mention that it actually does turn out well - these are things no man will have to try too hard to appreciate.

Without further ado, here are some gift ideas for under $100 that will separate the men from the boys:
Bull & Bear cufflinks from J. Press {now 25% off the usual price of $75}

Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Decanter {on sale for $89.99 at Macy's}

Vintage-style radio, iPod friendly {West Elm, $99}

Lambskin cashmere-lined gloves {L.L. Bean, $79}

Fantastic quality button-cuff shirt {Thomas Pink, $99}

Gift Certificate for a hot shave at the local barber shop {image here}

Happy Shopping!
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